In 2019 I recorded a profit of 267.53 points. To £10 stakes, this equates to over £2,600. Since I started putting selections out on Twitter in September 2018, I have recorded a profit of 371.16 points (as of June 30th 2020), which equates to over £3,700.


An up to date version, with day by day totals can be found here:

Some stats:

  • Since starting subscription in August19 up to March20 – I have had 63 winners from 313 selections = 20.13% Strike Rate with Average odds of 8.405. Average Odds of only 5.0 would be needed to break even. Average of just 1.15 selections per day over same period.
  • Since Feb19 Average ROI of 31.48% with profit of 278.86pts – No standout prices from bookmakers
  • Over the course of 19 months, only 3 months have produced losses greater than 11 points.

As a result of my selective tipping style, even if I am on losing runs, it is never disastrous and only eats into a small proportion of profit that has already been earnt. I don’t like to regularly stick 4+ horses out every single day, risking huge losses. Instead, by following my advice of betting as singles and staking plan we can ensure a great profit over the course of a few months and year.