How to be Profitable

How To Follow Racingjackk and Make Money Long-term

All of my long term members that have been with me for several months or years will have now built up a pot of profit, assuming they have been following the advised staking plan. If you are just starting out with me or betting on horses as a whole, I have put together this instruction manual if you like, which will ensure you make the long-term profit as advertised. Below is a list of points that you should read and consider if you want to make money from my service over a period of 3 months or ideally longer.

1) We use a point staking system. The purpose of a point system is to equate each bet to your own individual stakes, because each person bets different amounts based on how much they can afford or want to bet. For me, 1pt = £10. Therefore, if I tip a horse with a stake of 1pt win, that means I will have £10 on to win. 0.5pt each way I would have £5 each way on (total £10), 2pt win I would have £20 on to win etc.

2) What is each way betting? It is essentially two individual bets on a horse – the first is on the horse to win, the second is on the horse to place, usually in the top 3 but it varies depending on how many runners are in the race. When you click each way in the betslip, whatever number you put in will be multiplied by two so bare that in mind. Each way betting is a good way of reducing your losses if a horse manages to finish 2nd or 3rd and can sometimes pay a good profit if the price is big. There are tons of factors that go into deciding whether I tip a horse to win or each way, so make sure you follow the stake religiously.

3) You must begin with a starting bank of 100pts. This ensures it will be impossible for you to lose your money long term as I have never had a drawdown anywhere near 100pts in over 2 years of tipping horses. If you want to start at £10 per point, that will require a minimum of £1000 spread out across multiple bookmakers. £5 per point would require £500 to start out with etc. Over time, as your bank builds, you can increase your stakes accordingly. For example, if you start off with a £1,000 starting bank at £10 per point, once you reach £2,000 you can then increase your stakes to £20 per point as your new bank will still have 100pts to play with.

4) Following on from the above, to maximise your profitability, have as many bookmakers accounts at your utility as possible. This ensures you can always achieve the best prices and hit a profit that matches, or exceeds, my recorded profit. The best bookmaker accounts I would advise to start off with are Bet365, PaddyPower or Betfair (merger, pretty much same firm), BetVictor and Coral or Ladbrokes (merger, pretty much same firm). Two or three accounts should be okay but have as many as you possibly can. Your starting bank should be spread out evenly across your accounts.

5) Different bookmakers have different terms for Best Odds Guaranteed. BOG pays you out at the starting price if it is a bigger price than what you have backed at. For example, if you back a horse at 5-1, but it wins at a starting price of 7-1 and you have BOG, you will get paid out at 7-1, rather than only 5-1 if you didn’t have BOG. B365, Coral, Ladbrokes and Boylesports are currently the only major firms to pay best odds the night before a race (subject to change). The rest will vary but tend to be after 9am on the day, with William Hill after 10am. The pinned message in the telegram has a list of the times which each firm pays best odds – make sure you take it whenever you can and if advised.

6) Make sure you have notifications on for when I post in telegram and always place the bets as soon as you possibly can. This is because sometimes the prices can go quickly with lots of people placing the bets at the same time. Generally, this is more common when tipping the night before the race, but always get on ASAP to increase your chances of obtaining the advised price.

7) Lastly and perhaps most importantly, you need to understand that everything I do is about achieving a profit long-term. I can have 15 losers in a row and then have three winners around the corner, putting us in profit for that time period. Because of the nature of my tips, losing runs can often feel strung out as I do not tip that many horses relative to other tipsters out there. But a benefit to this is that we achieve much better Return On Investment from a very low risk staking strategy that yields very good profit over the course of a year.

Any questions – please let me know. I would be happier if you asked me so I could guide you in the right direction, rather than not making me aware of any queries you had. I’m here to help!